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Aimee and Kelso – Are getting married!

Aimee & Kelso

Are Getting Married 26th September 2020

Groom & Bride

Kelso and Aimee met in sixth year at school when they were both 17. They had been in the same year at school but just never crossed paths until the last couple of months of their time there. They began dating in May 2011, and have now been together for over 8 years.


Kelso Brown


Aimee Ralston

Our story

New Year house party 2010

January, 2011

First time we met

We met when we were 17 years old at school. Numerous sixth year house parties meant we crossed paths quite a few times before one eventful night, after the party we were at had the police show up, we ended up at Aimee’s family home with a large group of people who’d been kicked out the same party. Thanks to a slightly over-weight cat, we ended up with a moment alone where we shared our first kiss.

24th May, 2011

We fell in love​

On the 24th May 2011, Kelso asked Aimee if she wanted to be his girlfriend and the rest is history! We went on our first holiday to Rome in 2013 and have been on many others since, including Luz, Barcelona, skiing in Italy and plenty of weekends in Crail at Aimee’s family’s caravan. In August 2016 we bought our first flat together in Shawlands.

Rome 2013
Moments after the engagment, December 2017

30th December, 2017

She said "Yes"​

On the 30th December 2017, Kelso popped the question. We were away on a ski holiday with Aimee’s family in the Italian Dolomites which was the most beautiful setting. After our first day of skiing we were getting ready to head off the slopes. Kelso, being a novice skier at this point, decided to get the lift down rather than ski the tricky slope that led to the town. Aimee went with her Dad and brother but ended up doing a few more runs before skiing to the town. Kelso had a nervous wait wondering where Aimee had gone when she didn’t appear straight away. Once we met up again we went for a walk around the lake – which was frozen and covered in snow. We walked to the far side, to a nice secluded spot on a jetty which looked out onto the snowy mountains when Kelso knelt down on one knee and asked Aimee to marry him. The answer was of course yes! 

26th September, 2020

We are getting married

As soon as we were engaged (or maybe even before) we knew we wanted to get married abroad. Since Luz is such a sentimental place to us, has amazing scenery and (hopefully!!) fab weather, that is where we had our hearts set on. In September 2018 we went on holiday there with both our parents, so we could look at venues. We had already seen the Fortaleza in Luz and knew it was most likely the place we wanted, but after a chat with owner and a tour we were absolutely sure. We booked once we got back from our holiday and the planning began!

Where we will be saying "I Do"
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