Acommodation Price

Baia Da Luz*

See below for discount!

155 – 275 euros per night before discount 2  – 6 people Baia da Luz is a gorgeous apartment complex we have stayed in the last 3 times we have been to Luz. Very central and close to the beach with a fab pool and bar.

Estrela Da Luz*

See below for discount!

105 – 265 euros per night before discount 2 – 6 people Estrela Da Luz is the sister complex of Baia Da Luz situated at the other side of the town. Still very central with gorgeous pools and close to our wedding venue.
Ocean Club £70 – £100 per night 2 – 6 people Luz Ocean Club is a lovely apartment complex in the centre of Luz with a great pool area and very close to the supermarket. 
Hotel Belavista £90 – £120per night 2 people This is a hotel rather than apartment complex. It is located at the back of the town up the hill which means the views are stunning.

*Baia Da Luz and Estrela Da Luz have agreed to give us a 20% discount for anyone attending our wedding. If you are interested in booking an apartment at either resort please use the discount code WEDBROWNSEPT20 – unfortunately this promo code will not work on the website. To get the 20% discount please call either of the apartment reception desks directly or email

Above is just a selection of the main apartment complexes in Luz, there are more available if you look online, the prices above are also approximate. Feel free to look on and elsewhere as often private owners rent out apartments within these complexes for a cheaper price than the main websites.

There are also villas in and around Luz which may hold more people and could save money if there are 6+ people sharing.

Although when looking at a map accommodation may not look far from the main town and beach, please be careful when booking as Luz is built on a hill so some areas can be quite an uphill walk, which in high temperatures is not always easy.

Lagos is the neighbouring town which is much larger than Luz and has more of a city feel, if booking there please keep in mind you will need a car/taxi to get to and from Luz for the wedding.

The below picture shows the main town of Luz and the accommodation that is listed above. Please try to book within the yellow circle as anything outside of this is a 20 minute+ walk up hill to get to.

Luz Map


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